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Updated: Apr 10

On Sunday morning, our humble barn transformed into a haven of tranquility and laughter as our beloved goats joined forces with yoga enthusiasts for a session of pure joy and relaxation. With the gentle bleats of the goats harmonizing with the soothing instructions of Lisa Stephenson from Kismet Yoga, it was an experience that left everyone feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. As the sun rose and cast its warm glow upon us, the young kids, accompanied by their attentive mums, brought an extra layer of liveliness to the scene. Their playful antics and boundless energy added an element of spontaneity to our yoga practice, reminding us to embrace the present moment and find joy in the simple pleasures of life.Under Lisa's expert guidance, we flowed through a series of asanas, allowing the gentle movements to melt away any tension or stress lingering in our bodies. With each inhale, we welcomed in positivity and serenity, while with each exhale, we released any worries or distractions, fully immersing ourselves in the present moment.The presence of our furry companions added an extra layer of mindfulness to the practice. As we moved through poses such as downward dog and child's pose, the goats wandered amongst us, their curious eyes and gentle nuzzles serving as gentle reminders to stay grounded and connected to the earth beneath us.But it wasn't just about the yoga; it was about the sense of community and connection that blossomed within the walls of our barn. As we shared smiles and laughter with one another, it became clear that this experience was about more than just stretching our bodies—it was about nourishing our souls and fostering a sense of belonging .As the session drew to a close, with a meditation our hearts felt full and spirits uplifted. With a deep sense of gratitude, we thanked Lisa for guiding us through this transformative experience, and we expressed

our appreciation to our goat companions for their boundless energy and playful spirit.

As we stepped out of the barn and back into the world, we carried with us a sense of inner peace and contentment that would stay with us long after the session had ended. And as we reflected on the morning's events, we knew that this would not be the last time we joined together for goat yoga—it was an experience worth repeating, a moment of pure joy and connection that would forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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