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Rosedale Goats Cheese

Our Story So Far

 Jonty and Suzie attended a goat cheese making course in 2017 down in Sussex ,near  where they  lived. to enable them to be able  to use the milk from their girls and learn how to make basic goats cheese.Six years later things have moved on a bit, they are now living in the North York Moors on the edge of the picturesque village of Rosedale Abbey and are now awaiting regulatory approval to be able to sell both Cheese and Raw Drinking Milk.

Our Raw goats milk used in our cheese making is not subject to pasteurisation, the flash heating process that destroys both the good and bad bacteria and enzymes which occurs naturally in milk,


The Rosedale 

The Rosedale is a creamy flavoursome cheese due to the use of raw milk and the good bacteria that non-pasteurisation leaves with really no hint of "goat taint" until it matures

Bell End Blue

(named after a Rosedale landmark)

The Bell End Blue is Camembert like too with minimal veining thats incredibly creamy with a salty and blue finish. As Bell end blue matures and hydrates the blue flavour becomes more pronounced as does the veining.

Bell Top Crottin available from 2024

Pictured here, will follow soon afterwards

This is a typical french style crottin cheese again made from our raw goats milk that has the same creamy taste but this cheese has a citrus end note.

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