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At Abbey Farm Cottage we have a small pedigree herd of goats each one of them we know individually by name. We specialise in Boer and Golden/ British Guernsey Goats.

My Passion for goats came about when Jonty bought me 5 Boer Goats for Christmas 2015 Blondie, Luna, Lucius, Bellatrix and Narcissa (spot the Harry Potter theme). Both Blondie and Luna were in kid and summer 2016 they produced 4 kids this was the start of Smock Alley Goats.  Blondie our Foundation doe of the herd is unfortunately no longer with us but her legacy continues in Luna , Heather, Betty, Jigsaw and Puzzle.


Here at Smock Alley Goats we pride ourselves in breeding top quality  stock all kids are registered with the British Boer Goat Society and British Goat Society

Later in 2016 I purchased a Saanen goat Sara to provide milk for orphan kids should the need arise,her first kid Dottie a Boer Cross arrived the following year and luckily we had no need of milk for orphan kids.

I had a surplus of milk, so I tried making goats cheese for our own consumption. Friends tried my cheese and it proved very popular. So I decided to introduce some other milk goats to my herd including Olive the  Toggenberg, Clemi and George the Golden Guernsey and expand my cheese making.

This small expansion of my  herd led me to fall in love with the Golden Guernsey breed,as the saying goes the rest is history  we now have a dairy herd of around 20 ladies. We aim to breed quality goats who are good milkers with good temperaments eventually achieving a British Guernsey Herd, all doelings are eligible for registration with the British Goat Society.

We have a selection of breeding stock available throughout the year, including  does in kid and also does with kids at foot. Alongside this we regularly have youngstock available to suitable homes.

Feel free to give to call Suzie  on 07714 217195 or email for more information on the availability of stock for sale.

Prices 2024: Contact for availability and details

Registered Boer Kids from £150

Registered Golden Guernsey from £300

Wethers British Guernsey type/Boer from £100

Female Goats registered for breeding up to British Guernsey from £250

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