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Goat Adoption

These girls have all loved doing goat yoga this year and have  all been to visit Leo so hopefully will have kids of their own next year.  All these girls love cuddles especially Cracker and Brandy Snap who were bottle raised. Cracker was Robson Green's particular favourite.

Alice and Amelia are part of our milk herd and are older than the others and will be meeting either Leo or Pop late December for kids in the summer.

We are offering different types of adoption.

Basic adoption £25  includes an adoption certificate, fact sheet and gift voucher for 2 people  a farm visit to meet with your goat .

Goat Yoga adoption £40 includes basic  package plus a voucher for the adoptee to attend one session of Goat Yoga during 2024.(Must be over 8 years old)

Halloumi adoption £65 includes basic package plus a voucher for a Halloumi Lunch voucher for one person where the adoptee will learn how to make halloumi over lunch.

Cheese adoption £135 includes Basic Package plus a voucher for the adoptee to attend a full day goat cheese workshop including lunch.

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