Some Great Feedback On Rosedale Haloumi - It's Not Squeaky

Jonty - Feedback on the halloumi. As part of our vegetable package delivered this week we got a mango and baby spinach. Sara made a lime juice dressing and then dry fried the halloumi and mixed the ingredients to make a summer/spring salad, which we had after our foraged wild garlic soup.

My wife can be given to being over enthusiastic, I am not. I don’t like halloumi, Sara loves it.

I don’t like halloumi, but I loved yours!

We both agreed it was the best halloumi we have had. It held its form being dried fried and took on a fantastic salty cheesiness, with none of the annoying squeakyness that has me grating my teeth.

It’s a big thumbs up here!

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