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Spring is just around the Corner,You Must be Kidding!

Preparations at Abbey Farm cottage are well underway for the start of the 2021 Kidding season.

We have 10 days to go before we start Kidding with 8 girls due before Valentines Day

The barn is currently undergoing its spring clean, although the recent snow and storm Christoph have slowed the mucking out down, but all the individual bays will be clean, filled with fresh new straw and heat lamps hung soon.

We wish we could share this lovely time with our guests in person but I will keep you updated with progress as it happens. I will introduce you to the kids as they arrive via our blog.

Once we are able to have guests to stay again, you will be able to visit the kids in the barn, watch them play in the paddocks maybe give the odd bottle or two and believe me they are a serious waste of time! #kidding#shepherdshutstays#staycation#goats

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